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The Barbadian/Bajan Tag

The Barbadian/Bajan Tag

I came across some tag videos on Youtube whereby you talk about your island/country and I decided to do a written version. However I changed some of the questions and added a few. So here is my version of the Bajan tag! Feel free to leave comments and ask questions about Barbados and I will answer as honestly as possible.

When was the last time I visited Barbados?

The last time I visited Barbados was Nov 2010 – Feb 2011, I went for the Christmas holidays and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s something about being home for Christmas, it’s not just down to being surrounded by loved ones but it doesn’t come across as commercial like it does in the U.K. When in Barbados you really get in the Christmas spirit because you hear the carols on the radio, people’s houses are decorated with lights and other Christmas decorations. All the malls and stores are decorated and then there are several Christmas concerts whether at church or otherwise. In all, the atmosphere is more alive in Barbados than in London where I’m currently staying.

Name a local dish you enjoy.

I ’m sorry but I cannot limit myself to just one dish! First I would say I love Cou-cou & Flying Fish (our national dish), Macaroni Pie & Baked Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie, Marlin and I love a Gap Burger!(the woman opposite Ship-Inn)

Are there any household items that represent your culture?

Well I have my Baje costume from Crop Over 2009 on my wall, it was too expensive to throw out LOL, a miniature flag, and a GIS shirt with 100 Great Barbadians logo and the trident and that’s about it.

Baje Costume 2009

What bajan slang do I use most?

Wha gine on? (what’s up)

I jus hay (nothing much happening)

Not nearly (expressing disinterest) for e.g. I’m not nearly interested in going out tonight.

Dah easy/ daz a small issue (not a big deal)

You int sure!

What do you like about Barbadian/Bajan culture?

I love everything about Crop Over (Carnival) the music, the atmosphere, the fetes (raves/clubbing), dancing etc. I like the general hospitality of the bajan people, like you know and talk to your neighbours and when you go to the bus stop and you find people there you greet them with Good Morning or what have you. I also like that bajans are pretty laid back so when celebrities visit the island they aren’t hassled or bombarded but instead allowed space to enjoy their holiday.

How do you know a bajan?

When every other word is ‘Rashole’

If they call someone a ‘Johnny’ when cursing

When they know how to wukup real stink

If they know bout tamarind balls and suckabubbies

If they quick to tell you bout yuh mudda